Integrated Research & Development for Enterprise Solutions (IRES) (Subcontract to Jacobs): GCS is a subcontractor to Jacobs Technology on the IRES contract. IRES supports the US Missile Defense Agency and provides an efficient and flexible execution of the following high level objectives (HLOs): Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) mission operations, BMDS testing, War-games and exercises, Modeling and simulation, Enterprise communications and information technology environment, Operation of facility infrastructure. GeoControl Systems, Inc. employees on the MDA IRES contract directly support MDA Director's top priority: Support the Warfighter. This includes certified GCS personnel in areas of IT and Cyber Security to ensure the MDA network never experiences an outage and works flawlessly. Combatant Command (COCOM) Exercises and War-games, personnel are at the tip of the spear Designing, Testing, and Executing 30+ air and missile defense events around the globe every year. Exercises and War-games enable Warfighters to develop, refine, and validate Concept Plans, Operational Plans, and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. This also serves to instill confidence the Warfighters must have in the highly advanced weapon systems developed by MDA and its Partners to defend the United States and our Allies. We are often co-located with Warfighters working at remote places in austere conditions from Korea to Qatar. We have established a presence at Japanese, Israeli, European, and US command centers. Our team is instrumental designing distributed network architectures, configuring and operating simulations, integrating Live, Virtual, and Constructive systems into a single digital environment, and running exercise control cells. (Active Contract)


Engineering Services and Science Capability Augmentation (ESSCA) (Subcontract to Jacobs): Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), located in Huntsville, Alabama is NASA’s center of excellence for spacecraft and rocket propulsion. MSFC is leading the design and analysis of NASA new heavy launch rocket, Space Launch System (SLS). The Engineering Services and Science Capability Augmentation (ESSCA) contract is focused on providing critical engineering services to enable NASA to achieve success with SLS. Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. is the prime contractor on the ESSCA and GeoControl Systems, Inc as a subcontractor to Jacobs provides engineers and technicians in critical roles on ESSCA and the SLS program. Our engineering technicians are building and testing hardware components that directly support SLS’s critical path. The engineering team is charged with duties and tasks that range from component-level analysis to high level systems engineering. GeoControl personnel perform in several key areas including, structural analysis, avionics and flight software, wind tunnel testing, propulsion, aerothermal, and guidance navigation and control. (Active Contract)


The Mission Systems Operations Contract (IMOC II) (Subcontract to SGT) comprises technical, managerial, and administrative work needed to ensure the availability, integrity, reliability, and security of the Flight Operations Directorate’s (FOD) Mission Systems supporting National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space flight programs requiring mission operations support. “Mission Systems” are the systems and subsystems of integrated hardware, software, networks, data, displays, and mockups used in the preparation for and performance of mission operations. Mission Systems currently support the International Space Station (ISS) Program, including International Partner (IP) and Commercial Visiting Vehicles, the Orion Program, the Space Launch System (SLS) Program, and the Commercial Crew Program (CCP). These systems are under development and/or modification in concert with program formulation and implementation. GCS provides various levels of software engineers and developers in support of Mission Control Center Systems (MCCS). GCS MSOC Network Services staff provides 24/7 help desk coverage of the systems on console at the JSC MCC. We have certified Network Operations Controllers and Voice Video Controllers supporting systems on console. This team supports missions and console systems 24/7. GCS also has skilled technicians and a facility scheduler that support activities and training in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF), located in Building 9N and 9NW at JSC. SVMF uses full-scale vehicle mockups, flight-like trainers, and engineering test articles to provide a unique environment that closely emulates the physical characteristics of crewed spacecraft. It provides capabilities for astronaut training, real-time mission trouble-shooting, mission development, flight procedures development and verification, flight vehicle sustaining engineering, and developmental engineering analysis. (Active Contract)


Human Health and Performance (HHPC) (Subcontract to KBR): The HHPC Contract maintains facilities and laboratories and supports program integration, habitability and environmental factors, human adaptation and countermeasures, space medicine, flight hardware development and human research for the International Space Station and Orion programs. Other work includes medical services, research, technology development, engineering, operations and flight hardware development. GCS personnel on HHPC support the JSC medical clinic, hardware and software development, IT infrastructure maintenance and application development, laboratory operations, ISS environmental requirements compliance, and human factors engineering. (Active Contract)


CST-100 Independent Verification and Validation (CST-100): (Subcontract to Boeing): GCS provides Independent Verification and Validation services to the Boeing Commercial Crew Program, specifically the CST-100 Flight Software. The work includes requirements, design, code and test analysis, and independent testing of four SW CSCIs. These CSCIs control and monitor multiple subsystems including GNC, EPS, ECLSS, Communications and Tracking, and Vision. GCS participates in milestone reviews and peer reviews. GCS performs analysis of Hazard Reports and traces them to SW requirements. GCS has also supported reviews of the avionics subsystem. (Active Contract)


Integrated Mission Operations Contract II (IMOC II): (Subcontract to SGT): The IMOC II contract provides support and products for spaceflight operations capability development and execution for the Mission Operations Directorate, the International Space Station Program – including the Avionics and Software Office, and the Flight Crew Operations Directorate at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. This includes support to mission preparation, crew, flight controller, instructor, and analyst training, as well as real-time mission execution activities related to exploration operations and space station operations. As a subcontractor to SGT, GCS provides support for meetings, publications, the FOD library and website. GCS performs technical writing, CAD drawing, graphics, document formatting and management, agenda development, action item tracking, schedule maintenance, database and SharePoint support, and configuration management to support all aspects of MOD plan, train, fly activities. (Active Contract)


Boeing Engineering Technical Services (BETS) Program Integration: (Subcontract to Boeing): Under the BETS PI subcontract GCS provides a variety of support services including Manifesting and Bench reviews of sustaining and payload hardware; Flight Payload Management services; Support to the Certification of Flight Readiness (CoFR) Process for Shuttle and International Partner vehicles; Configuration Management and Data Management support for Hardware, Software, and related Data Products; Coordinating all Change Evaluation Forms—the forms used to propose and analyze payload changes—from initiation, through analysis, to final disposition; Support for development and maintenance of the Payload Tactical Plan; Technical editing and document quality control for all program documents; Administrative services to the team of Payload Integration Managers, organizing meetings and assuring open communications;Specification and testing of Payload Integration support tools and development of related training material. Payload developers around the world rely on GCS’s services to walk them through the entire integration process. We perform this work in Houston, at the Boeing facility near JSC, and at the Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. (Active Contract)


Test and Evaluation Support Team Contract, NASA WSTF (Subcontract to Jacobs Technology): On the NASA WSTF TEST contract, in White Sands, New Mexico, GCS employees participate in the maintenance and operation of several test stands and the high altitude simulation system used for testing Space Shuttle, DOD and commercial rocket engines. GCS engineers and quality representatives participate in design, build up, activation and testing of complex rocket propulsion systems. GCS engineers are responsible for scheduled maintenance and upgrades, trouble-shooting, root-cause analysis, diagnosis, and repairs as required. GCS employees are responsible for the operation and maintenance of numerous high pressure helium and nitrogen systems, rocket engine propellant supply systems, liquid nitrogen storage, breathing air systems and mobile equipment. They prepare and execute detailed preventative and corrective maintenance procedures and develop plans to apply more aggressive Reliability Centered Maintenance techniques in approach to preventative maintenance for these critical support systems. (Active Contract)


JSC Engineering Technology and Science Contract, NASA JSC (Subcontract to Jacobs Technology): On the JETS contract, Jacobs provides space systems-centric engineering, science, operations and maintenance services at NASA JSC – NASA’s primary center for design, development, and testing of spacecraft and associated systems for human spaceflight. GCS’ support includes providing technical expertise, investigative and analytical skills, and spacecraft flight program experience such as design, development, certification, and testing of hardware and software; operation and maintenance of on-site laboratories and facilities; and research and development of new technology. We provide curatorial services for NASA’s astromaterials collections, which include Apollo Lunar rocks, Antarctic meteorites, and returned samples from the Genesis, Stardust, and Hayabusa missions. We participate on several projects related to the new vision for space exploration, including the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Parachute Assembly System, CEV Crew Module Hypervelocity Impact Testing, Advanced Space Suit System Development, and James Webb Space Telescope test facility modifications. (Active Contract)


Mail and Duplication Support Services, NASA JSC: (Prime Contract): On the Mail and Duplication Support Services contract at the NASA/JSC, GCS provides all of the institutional mail handling and printing needs for the civil service and contractor employees at the NASA/SC. The mail operations activities include biohazard screening (for example Anthrax) and handling of classified mail. The printing activities include space shuttle flight manuals, which have very specific material and formatting requirements. (Active Contract)


EVA Space Operations Contract (Subcontract): On ESOC, under subcontract to United Technologies, GCS provides real-time mission and training support for Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) hardware and operations. We provide inputs to flight crew procedures for operating and maintaining EVA hardware, including the space suits, ancillary equipment, and crew equipment and tools. We provide inputs to flight crew procedures for operating and maintaining EVA hardware and perform flight crew training for EVA hardware. We provide logistics planning for EVA hardware. We have performed subsystem design, analysis, and test services for EVA ancillary hardware. GCS exercises GP storage controls to ensure the property is adequately preserved, protected from pilferage, secured, and has sufficient prevention from handling damage. We also ensure that property storage areas are controlled through authorized access and are safe and clean to prevent accidents that could cause personnel injury or property damage. We perform physical inventories by verifying and counting of GP for comparison to the property records. (Active Contract)